Greensleeves Steakhouse offers a twist on the traditional steakhouse menu. Modern interpretations of traditional appetizers, soups, salads, seafood, meats and even vegetarian dishes separate Greensleeves' menu from other downtown Redlands fine dining institutions. Thoughtfully crafted dishes include locally sourced ingredients and proteins from our proud partnership with Rocker Bros Meat & Provision Inc. sourcing prime steaks and chops from Colorado.




        This two-story building, built with brick from local yards, was constructed in 1892 by M. M. Phinney, a citrus grower and civic worker. It has a flat, non-visible tar paper roof. The windows are double-hung, surrounded by brick patterns of flat and radiating brick. The top front of the building has a pediment, triangular in shape. Interestingly enough, the missing “9” in the date on the structure disappeared shortly after its construction.

         The original use of the building was to house the Board of Trade. From 1892 to 1908 it was the home of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce. The welcoming festivities for President McKinley in 1901 and for President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 were planned here. In 1907 the University of Redlands had its headquarters in this building.

         In 1982, Mr. Johnny Moore, Mr. Bill Hardy Jr., and Mr. Henry Van Mouwerik, forming a limited partnership, called the Board of Trade, bought the deserted, decaying structure and have proceeded to restore it to its original prestige. 

         Still visible, though, are many of the details of brick work and the design of the original building. The structure now houses a fine restaurant called "Greensleeves Steakhouse. The old railroad tracks on the north side have been removed and will provide parking areas. Truly this building represents a modern adaptation of a treasure.